PinoyProp: The future of property investing

Invest in Philippines property at the click of a button starting at just ₱1000. PinoyProp takes the costs and difficulty out of property investment in the Philippines.

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Properties to Invest in

You choose from a list of properties we have vetted for title and investment quality for you to invest in.

Hands Off

We Manage Everything

PinoyProp maintains every property, find tenants and guarantees the rental income.


Receive Rent & Profit on Sale

You receive a monthly rental income for your share of the properties. When the property value grows – you can sell your shares for a big profit!

Investing in property was only accessible to the rich
Now you can invest too for as little as ₱1000!

This revolutionary way of investing means that anybody can easily invest in property in the Philippines without the headaches.

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Monthly Rental Returns

You can invest in property at the click of the button, and sit back and collect your rent each month without worrying about finding tenants or managing the property.

Instant Resale Options

Buy and sell shares in the property to other investors whenever you want through PinoyProp and you can bid on property whenever you want. Buy low; sell high.

Cash-out Strategy

When we cash out a property by selling it to a private buyer, you get a portion of the sale based on how many shares you own. We assess each property for cash out every 5 years.