PinoyProp: The future of property investing

Invest in Philippines property at the click of a button starting at just ₱1000. PinoyProp takes the costs and difficulty out of property investment in the Philippines.

  1. You pick crowdfunded properties to invest in
  2. We manage all properties, find tenants and guarantee the rental income
  3. You receive a monthly rental income for your share of the properties
  4. When the property value grows – you can sell your shares for a big profit!

Investing in property was only accessible to the rich – now you can invest too for as little as ₱1000!

  • Philippines Properties by the Numbers

Average Yearly Growth (Last 5 years)

Maximum National Condo Vacancy Rate

Average Quarterly Growth in Manila

Average Gross Rental Yield

How Does Property Crowdfunding Investment Work?

  • We take on properties that we have personally inspected and assessed to represent good return on investment using our years of experience in property investment around the Philippines
  • The seller transfers title ownership to our property holding trustees, creating a set number of property shares that buyers can then purchase through PinoyProp

  • Each share represents a portion of the property ownership, and so each investor gets a portion of the monthly rent based on how many shares they own. Shareholders can buy and sell shares on the internal market as well as having the option to sell back to the holding company every 5 years based on market growth. Shareholders get a large return on investment based on how many shares they own
  • We handle all the legal and technical aspects of property purchasing and closing

  • We manage the property and find tenants to rent long term based on the advertised rental return rate per property


This revolutionary way of investing means that anybody can easily invest in property in the Philippines without the headaches.

Monthly Rental Returns

You can invest in property at the click of the button, and sit back and collect your rent each month without worrying about finding tenants or managing the property.

Instant Resale Options

Buy and sell shares in the property to other investors whenever you want through PinoyProp and you can bid on property whenever you want. Buy low; sell high.

Cash-out Strategy

When we cash out a property by selling it to a private buyer, you get a portion of the sale based on how many shares you own. We assess each property for cash out every 5 years.

How much could you make?

Use the slider below to see how much you could earn per year based on your investment size and average net dividends of 5% with average property growth of 10% per year

1,000 investment

YearAnnual Rental IncomeAnnual Capital GainEquity ValueTotal Rental IncomeTotal Investment Value

915.76 Estimated Profit Over 5 Years



Properties Ready to Invest In

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What’s Next?

We officially launched in July 2019. Register with us to get involved! We’ll be adding more properties over time as we vet them for quality but they will go fast. Don’t miss out!

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