1 Unit Lumiere Residences

Pasig Boulevard, Bagong Ilog, Pasig, Metro Manila, National Capital Region, 1600


of ₱4,000,000.00


40% Funded

Dividends are paid monthly on all properties.

Share Valuation

  • Funding Target: ₱4,000,000
  • Total Shares: 1,000,000
  • Share Value: ₱4.00 per share

Rental Breakdown

  • Gross Rent per year: ₱204,000
  • Costs: ₱44,413.56 per year
  • Dividends per year: ₱159,586.44
  • Projected Rental Yield: 5.10%
  • Projected Dividend Yield: 3.99%

Property investment is a total returns product. This information is the income component only. Increasing capital values have historically driven most of the return.

Lumiere Residences is a premiere residential complex consisting of 3 towers on the corner of Shaw and Pasig Boulevards in Pasig, Metro Manila. PinoyProp has acquired a unit in this modern, high quality block in the upmarket Neo-Asian inspired state of the art towers. The East Tower is a 36 storey residential building with 1 mezzanine floor and 6 levels basement parking. The West Tower is a 37 storey residential building with 1 mezzanine floor and 6 levels basement parking. The North Tower is a 42 storey residential building with 1 mezzanine floor and 6 levels basement parking. Available units range from 28 square meters to 83 square meters, classified according to the number of bedrooms per unit. Available options are: 1 Bedroom unit; 2 bedroom units and 3 bedroom units.
Design wise, the three buildings were built with the most modern practices and technology. The entire building has been designed using Lumiventt Design Technology (LDT) to allow natural sunlight to come in. The three building were also constructed with considerable distance from each other to allow building to building ventilation. The buildings have a nice open lounge where visitors and residents can relax. There is also a function hall for larger gatherings, games area and study room. You can also enjoy the beautiful sky lounge and its stunning views, as well as the fully landscaped atrium gardens or the roof top garden.
The site also features a laundry shop, a water refilling station and a convenience store and is equipped with elevators to shuttle residents 24/7. The towers also have generators equipped so there is no disruption in the event of power outages in Manila. From an investors perspective the proximity to high earning businesses and the incredible quality of Lumiere Residences coupled with the high growth rate year on year in Metro Manila, we expect not only a terrific net rental return on investment, but a capital growth rate in keeping with the exceptional Metro Manila average.

Property Management

Pinoyprop charges 10% of the monthly rent for property management which is used to pay local expert managing agents to manage the properties on behalf of PinoyProp Property Investors. As an investor you won't be required to take an active part in managing a property and you will not be consulted for any decisions relating to a property. We will operate within the management agreement framework for all properties so that investors are left only to manage their portfolio. We pro-actively manage all PinoyProp properties to ensure that they are, as much as possible, consistently tenanted and kept to the highest standards to protect your investment, both from a capital and rental income perspective. There may be periods of time where a property is vacant, and expenses during this period are covered by a contingency fund that provides over 3 months of cover (this is for expenses only and not for the payment of any net rental income to investors). We have also put in place procedures to ensure that before a lease expires, the tenant will be asked to confirm their position with regards to the tenancy agreement. If the tenant does not sign a new lease within a certain time, the property will be advertised for lease. The rental price may be slightly reduced in order to attract a new tenant if necessary, it may also increase over time. We'll always seek to achieve a balance between the forecast yield and market conditions to minimise the risk that the property is vacant for extended periods.

Important Notice

Forecasts may not be achieved and are not an indicator of consistent future performance. The advice provided to you is general advice only. It has been prepared and presented without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making any decision in relation to PinoyProp or any products offered by PinoyProp you should consider whether PinoyProp is right for you.

Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
City Pasig, Metro Manila
State National Capital Region
Tenure Strata
Total Shares 1,000,000.00
Share Valuation 4.00 per share

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